Waxing for masochists

I am ALWAYS cutting my legs shaving泣き顔, and find it really troublesome to shave in the shower as I usually go in there with Hannah. Actually, these days, she won’t let me go in on my own..she loves it揺れるハート

So, after seeing some epilators in the electrical shop the other week, I decided to buy one. I bought it from Maruichi (or whatever it’s called) on the internet, because it was so much cheaper.

I have been “growing” the hairs on my legs since Monday, because it says to use the epilator on hair between 3-5mm. long. It has felt really horrible walking around with monkey legs獅子座(no monkey picture..)! So today, I decided that it was about 3mm. and time to start.

Now I am not stupid. I know that something which plucks hairs out from the root is going to hurt衝撃. I also imagined that plucking several hairs out at the same time would hurt several times more衝撃衝撃衝撃. But NOTHING could have prepared me for the pain of the Devilatorげっそり目バッド(下向き矢印) After I had checked that I was holding it properly, following the instructions, etc., I did about 3cm. and was almost crying涙 I have to carry on, I thought, looking at my two hairy gorilla legs and trying to control my breathingがく~(落胆した顔) It feels like a lot of pins are being pushed in and out of your skin. It’s a strange feeling.

After I while, I started to get a bit more used to it, and was thinking, hmm, it’s not really that bad after all. And then I would hit a particularly hairy patch and it would kill again雷 I tried to do it faster, hoping it would be like ripping off a band-aid, but that way, I missed a lot of the hairs and had to go back over them again. So I faced the fact that I would have to go slowly, and put up with the pain. It reminded me of childbirth, how stupid is thatexclamation & questionexclamation & question I don’t mean the amount of pain, but the duration of it, and knowing that I had to go on. So then I tried to use some labour techniques, but the end result of smooth legs was a bit different to the end result of a beautiful baby, so I gave up.

The epilator is a wet/dry one, so I tried the wet method on the second leg. Still hurt just as much and was a lot more hassle to stick my leg in the sinkがまん顔, so I went back to the dry method. In total, it took one hour and a half (including several breaks for my sanity, taking care of Hannah, etc.) and there was a big rash when I’d finished, but it’s gone now, and of course there are no cuts. If I eventually only have to do it every 3-4 weeks, it might be worth it..ほっとした顔

God, even forgetting the pain is similar to childbirthわーい(嬉しい顔)!!

By the way..there are two settings: Soft and normal. It says, “if you are concerned about pain, please use the soft”. Who wouldn’t be??

Plus there is another attachment for underarms and bikini line..erm, I don’t think soexclamation ×2


4 thoughts on “Waxing for masochists

  1. I have one of these and got it around the same time as I got a tattoo – the tattoo was much less painful!!!!and I cant imagine ever putting it anywhere near my underarms!

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