I went to Takasaki yesterday to buy a magazine, and I stopped off at the supermarket that’s near where we used to live. They have some imported goods, so I wondered if I could find some wheatgerm there. I couldn’t, but I made a much better discovery…WEETABIX!!! Now I’m not a big fan of weetabix, but I know that it is a good cereal for babies and children. I have been looking at different supermarkets, but eventually gave up. It cost just over 300 yen for a box of 12 (just over a pound), which I thought was fairly cheap (no idea how much it would be in the U.K.). I just checked on the Foreign Buyers Club http://www.fbcusa.com and it costs 320 yen on there, but there is also a 490 yen basic delivery charge, regardless of how much you order.

So this morning, Hannah and I both ate “Grown-up Breakfast” from Annabel Karmel’s book. It’s oh so complicated: 1/2 a weetabix, a small banana and 3 tbsps of yoghurt. I thought it was a bit yucky, but Hannah gobbled it up. I’m sure if you put banana on anything Hannah will eat it.


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