Since I quit my job, and am not coming home really late at night anymore, I usually go to bed before midnight眠い(睡眠). Recently, I’ve been tired enough to think about sleeping at around 9p.m., and try go to bed just after 10p.m. I never have any problem falling asleep at night anymore, because I’m busy enough during the day to have tired myself out by bedtime指でOK.

Today I went to the doctor because I caught a cold病院. My usual doctor was taking her son to the airport飛行機, so I had to see her father, whose English is not as good. I wanted to tell him that my chest felt tight, but I think it got a bit lost in translation and he gave me pills to ease my breathingあせあせ. Not sure if our understanding is the same or not. Anyways, he gave me about 5 different cold pills. Later tonight, I started feeling itchy all over. There is no sign of a rash or anything, and I am so tired, but I am not sleepy AT ALL. I read on my futon for about two and a half hours, before finally coming into the living room (now). Not sure if it’s the medicine, but I have a pretty good idea that it isバッド(下向き矢印).

The ironical thing is that Hannah has a cold too, but the medicine the doctor gave her made her sooooooooo sleepy眠い(睡眠)ハート眠い(睡眠). No doubt she will be awake super early and I will have had no sleep tonight/this morning, arghhhhhh whichever it is冷や汗exclamation ×2


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