I have a fear of going to the dentist…But I knew I had to. When I was pregnant, I went and they said I needed to have a lot of work done on 13 teethexclamation ×2 They said because I was pregnant, I couldn’t have strong drugs for some filling, so I said I would leave that for after the baby came冷や汗 Which they tried to make me feel guilty about.. They did some grinding, which was so awful, I almost ran away.

I didn’t like that dentists much, because they had trainees that did the treatment, so I didn’t feel safe at all with my nervesげっそりexclamation Yusuke found a dentist that gives drugs (more the better…), so we went there. They gave me two fillings at the front, but no need for drugs. It didn’t really hurt at all. The way they do fillings at the front is quite amazing! They said that was all I needed, so I was a bit confused. I told them I wanted to fix everything. They said there were no other bad teeth, and my other fillings were still ok.

Now I think the other dentist just tried to rip me off..I feel so taken advantage of ぷっくっくな顔exclamation

But on the bright side, I’m done with the dentist for a while 指でOKわーい(嬉しい顔)


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