Rainy, rainy, rainy…

Rainy season is truly here after all. It has been raining all the time, and I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun. Hannah and I went to the D.I.Y. shop yesterday to try and get some carpet tiles for the entrance. It’s the place to take off your shoes, so is technically treated as outside, but there is a step down to it, and it is concrete. Of course it’s the one place that Hannah wants to go, so we have decided to take our shoes off outside the door, and put them right away in the cupboard instead of leaving them in the entrance. I found some, but of course had no idea how many we needed. I halfheartedly did some measurements, but realised that I didn’t know how to calculate area of an “unsquare” place. Damn it! Another example of how useful maths is

So will go again today after Yusuke said we need about 20 tiles. But must go to the park too, because it’s stopped raining, but who knows for how long!


4 thoughts on “Rainy, rainy, rainy…

  1. easiest way to work out an unsquare place is to draw it on squared paper. Then just count the squares/parts of squares!

  2. laura – u can draw squares on plain paper – if the space is 100cm x 200cm you draw 10cm x 20cm or whatever will fit on the page and then draw a grid at every 1cm. that sounds really complicated doesnt it but its easy really – just count the squares!!!kim

  3. Yeah, and the space is not square, that’s the problem. It has one diagonal edge. Never mind anyway, I bought the tiles, but it turns out it’s a real pain to take our shoes off outside, so I just put one row near the step instead!

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