I continued the mobile hunt today. I went to the shopping centre in Maebashi, where they had one, but it was also a two-in-one, so a bit pricey. I let Hannah have another play in the padded area, where her and another boy crawled into each other and bumped heads in curiosity. After that, I fed Hannah and decided to go and have a look in Toys ‘R’ Us. They had LOADS of mobiles. It was sooooooo confusing. There were a couple of foreign ones, so I could easily read all the functions, but both of them said, from 0-5 months. On closer inspection, there was a warning of entanglement, and said you should remove it from the cot when the baby is able to pull themselves up on hands and knees.

I hesitated for a while, wondering whether it really was a risk or not, and then decided it might be, because the cords are quite long and Hannah gets a bit manic sometimes. And even if she didn’t end up strangling herself, she might just break the toys off it.

They were very fancy though, ranging from about 5000 yen to 10,000 yen. The most expensive was by Tiny Love, and played Bach, Mozart and someone else for 20 minutes, had a colour gel light show, moving toys, white noise, and a remote control. With this one, and another one, you could remove the mobile part, and just use the music box, but I thought it was a bit of a waste just for that really.

So today was another driving adventure. It’s making me neglect the housework a bit, and is hard carting around food for Hannah! I shall have to be a bit more organised in future, so I can do both.


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