Just for Kim

There are often times when Yusuke leaves his lunchbox at work or forgets to take it out of his bag and wash it up. At these times, I got so sick of it (because it basically happened everyday and I would have to wash it up really early in the morning and it stank) that I told him every time he forgot it, I would make his lunch in my bento box.

To clarify..

There are, probably as in England, but usually for children seeing as adults don’t usually have lunchboxes, lunchboxes for women and for men. My lunch box (see photo) is pink. And says, “lucky pig, lucky or unlucky?” on it, in true Janglish. So if he is unlucky, he gets the “Lucky pig” box. And has to eat from it in front of all of his colleagues. It used to work well, but now he’s not so bothered. I ask late at night if he’s washed it, and sometimes he just says, “no, lucky pig”…


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