Study and Bento 5

Last night my head was splitting. I found that studying for my test and looking after Hannah are almost impossible partners. Especially when Hannah is teething and grumpy grumpy grumpy. I’m not very good at doing anything that involves brainpower late at night, so I was less than thrilled to be sitting studying at 10p.m. I did manage to get some done during the day though, and Yusuke sat quizzing me while I cooked dinner!!!

I realised that the key to passing the test is of course, knowing the information, but also knowing HOW to interpret and answer the questions. The information we have to learn is just ridiculously complex. An example from the book:

“A motorcycle remains stable when the line of action of the resultant force which consists of the gravity of the motorcycle and the rider integrated as a body that concentrates on the center of the gravity and other forces (such as centrifugal force) is aligned with the line from the point at which the ground comes into contact with the tires.”

Is it just me, or is that sentence the longest and most confusing thing ever??!

Anyway, so I was so busy, that I forgot to wash rice, so was up at 6:30 this morning washing it and making up the rest of Yusuke’s bento.

Today’s menu…Edamame (beans), tomato (I’m always using these to fill up the space!), home made meatball, pasta in olive oil, tabasco, pepper and herbs, and pork in soy and ginger marinade.


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