I don’t like people dressed up in “big character costumes”. I like Disneyland for the rides, but I don’t like the people walking around in huge plastic outfits, Mickey and Minnie, the undwarflike dwarves, etc. I think it’s very odd and quite scary to see these larger than life characters just walking around as if they are normal. I was once chased around Tower Records in Shinjuku by a man dressed as the Pink Panther. If it wasn’t so creepy it would have been comical, because I probably looked quite frightened.

Last time I went to Disneyland, I was brave enough to have my picture taken with Grumpy, and my next step to overcoming this fear was on Saturday. We went to Keyaki Walk shopping centre in Maebashi and there was a Shrek 3 promotion at the cinema there. There were a few children having their photo taken with Shrek, if that’s even his name, and I took Hannah up there.

Hannah wasn’t scared of course, touching his face and such. Anyway, that’s my brave story for this weekend…am I sad?


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