Bag Seduction

I have never owned a nice good quality bag (except for my work bag, which doesn’t count). I have a lot of bags, all of which are cheap, some hand made…I don’t have a bag that I can carry and looks good no matter what I’m wearing. My bags are either too small, too big, too casual, or too dressy. I want a bag that I can carry all the time. So I don’t have to worry about transferring everything from one bag to another all the time.

Yesterday, Hannah and I took the train to Takasaki to buy magazines. After I bought them, I thought I would window shop for some bags. I went to GAP (yes, I know, but sometimes they have nice bags), and a couple of other bag shops. Then, after having found nothing exciting, I went to Takashimaya department store (Joanne, you may remember it as the shop were I knocked over the mannequin leg displaying stockings). It’s very fancy, and has such shops as Chanel and Tiffany. Anyway, you get the picture. They had a bag sale, but all of the bags were Sport Sac or other granny bags. Looking at the non-sale items, as you do, I found a nice bag. It didn’t grab me all that much at first, but the leather was soooo soft. And when I put it over my shoulder, it felt right…

It was 30,000 (122 pounds), so I didn’t buy it..but now, the next day, I can’t stop thinking about it..Plus I can’t find it on any websites…What if it was the last ever one???!!!

That’s the problem with living in a country where you can’t get clothes to fit you, you become obsessed with non-sized items


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