The other day, I walked to the electrical shop with Hannah. On the way, we had to go under an underpass. I don’t like these places, and at home, I would never go under there alone. They are usually full of dirt and homeless people and pee, etc.がまん顔

Anyway, this one was very clean with no homeless people, and as far as my nose could tell…no pee指でOK I noticed though, that there were boxes with red lights on top and buttons every few metres. From their appearance, I guessed that they were for use in emergencies. I wondered what kind of emergencies..whether they meant in earthquakes, or if they got stalked or attacked by someone.

At the end of the underpass was a sign with a light on top and a telephone number. I couldn’t read it, but I imagined it says if you see the light flashing, you should call that number.

Now in a sense, it’s a good idea, but surely by the time somebody sees the light flashingむかっ(怒り), calls the number, and somebody comes, it may be too late for the person in trouble. In this case, what would you do? Call the number or go in the underpass?雷

I asked my Japanese friends, and they said it says when the light is flashing, do not enter… The plot thickens. What is this button for??? It’s like LOST!!!!


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