Little Doors

I have a question. Sometimes I see houses, and most houses have walls here, right? And in some of these walls (usually the old ones), there are tiny doors. Like one metre high. I sometimes see hunched up elderly ladies coming out of them.

My question is, when these doors were fitted,

a. Were the people who wanted to use them already that short?

b. Did they anticipate becoming shorter when they got older?

c. Did they not want to have a high wall which would necessitate the use of a normal sized door?

d. Was it just that they thought a small door would look cute?

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Little Doors

  1. I think the only explanation is that the houses(and walls) were built in the night by little elves, in an elves and the shoemaker kind of way, and they had no concept of how big humans actually grow. Don’t be mad at them, they were only trying to help x

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