Entry for 02 June 2007

Today Yusuke had to do the gardening with the other men from our apartments. They say anyone from each flat can do it, but I guess the other wives are like me! They sometimes have to get up and start at 6:30a.m. on a Sunday morningもうやだ~(悲しい顔)exclamation

I got up early too, fed Hannah and we walked to the nearby hospital for my migraine check up. After we’d got there, waited a little bit and gone in to see the doctor, we found out that the hospital wasn’t really the right one冷や汗. The doctor told us where another hospital was that specialises in nervous system and cranial nerves or something like that (about 10 minutes by car). We got there and my migraine was getting worse and worse. It was good in a roundabout way, because I could tell the doctor my symptoms. He did some tests, involving me kind of arm wrestling him, looking at stuff and gripping things. Finally he diagnosed migraine, but said that I should come in again for an MRI to make sure that it is nothing more serious, such as a tumour or stroke がまん顔 For the MRI I will have to lie there totally still for 30 minutes. I’m a little bit nervous がまん顔

So I will go for that next Tuesday morning, because they don’t do them at weekend and fingers crossed it’s ok. In the meantime, he gave me some different medicine, which although hasn’t taken the pain away completely, has made me feel much better. Another medicine he gave me is a preventative one, so I have to take it before I have any symptoms, mmm, tricky seeing as it’s been ongoing, but that also makes it easier because I will just take it whenever I wake up in the morning.


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