How embarrassing…

I went to the video rental shop on Tuesday because it’s 199 yen for all rentals. The new season of LOST will start this coming Sunday, and I had only seen half of season two, so I wanted to catch up on the rest of them.

Our rental shop has just started doing 100 yen rental every day, so I thought I could get the 7 dvds for 700 yen. When I got to the counter, the guy charged me 199 yen each. I gave him the money, but asked why it wasn’t 100 yen today. He said every day is 100 yen for older dvds (like the ones I wanted), but Tuesday is 199 yen for all dvds (even new ones). I thought that was a bit stupid, and got a little bit confused, because my dvds were the old ones. So anyway, finally I said that it was ok, because I couldn’t understand his lengthy machine-like response. So I waited for my change. He just stood there, as if we were done, but I could see my money lying on the tray. I didn’t know the word for “change”, so I tried to explain as best as I could that I wanted my change.

He started to look a bit worried, and I was getting stressed out because I didn’t want to have to get angry. The other shop assistants were looking at us at this point, even though neither of us were shouting.

He said that he had already given me my change, and when I looked in my wallet and saw the coins, I suddenly remembered that he had. embarrassingがまん顔exclamation I apologised, and tried to explain that it had been from all the 100 yen and 199 yen confusion..arghhhh! I don’t want to go back there!


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