“A good example of an uncontrollable Migraine trigger is weather patterns. Germany, for example, offers a telephone number that people such as weather-sensitive Migraine sufferers can call to find out the risk to their health of that day’s weather pattern. A recent study entitled “The Effects of Weather on the Frequency and Severity of Migraine Headaches” conducted in Canada arrived at the following conclusions: 1) “Phase 4″ weather, characterized by a drop in barometric pressure, the passing of a warm front, high temperature and humidity and oftentimes rain, is closely associated with higher frequency and severity of Migraine attacks.; 2) a high humidex discomfort index during the summer is associated with an increased frequency of Migraine attacks; 3) wind from the southeast was shown to be associated with more attacks than wind from any other direction; and 4) a number of Migraine sufferers may be sensitive to extreme rates of barometric pressure changes.”

Taken from: http://www.migraines.org/myth/mythreal.htm

I have had a migraine (you might say migraines, but it feels as if it never went away) for the past 10 days. At first, I thought it was just a headache, as the migraines that I used to have were very strong, including loss of speech, numbness down one side of my body, and vomiting. This time, I only have a slight feeling of nausea, but these “headaches” are affecting my ability to do daily things. The reason I suspect that it’s a migraine, is that the doctor gave me some painkillers, and they do not work. I recently read that the cause of headaches and migraines are the opposite, where migraine pain is caused by expansion of the blood vessels, and headaches are caused by narrowing of the blood vessels. Therefore, some medicines used for headaches, dilate the blood vessels and can make a migraine worse.

When I told the doctor I might have a migraine, she didn’t examine me, ask me any questions apart from if my head was throbbing, but just told me it was the weather and gave me some painkillers.

It’s not unusual for medicine here not to work on me. In general, Chinese medicines are prescribed, which do work, eventually, but it takes a while and their effect is not quite the same as what we are used to.

I do however, believe that the weather is what triggered it. It started getting hot and humid about the same time as the migraine started. This is one of the things that also made me think it was hayfever, but anti-histamines didn’t do me any good either and the snuffly nose didn’t last long either. I experienced sensitivity to light, which I also thought might be hayfever, but now I think is another symptom that should have pointed me towards migraine.

I started taking Migraleve, but seeing as I have an allergy to codeine, and there is codeine in it, was a bit reluctant to take it every day. I didn’t have any reaction to it though, but it didn’t seem to help much.

Today and yesterday are both rainy with thunder and lightening. I can feel the pressure has changed, and now that it’s really stormy, I feel a bit better. Not sure whether it’s that or the Bufferin I took in desperation…

I’m really hoping it’s going to shift soon, but just in case it’s something more serious, I’m going to go to the hospital this Saturday so that someone can actually check me properly. That’s definitely one of the advantages of a paid health system. They will do loads of tests and not worry about the cost of it all.


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