Moving Hannah Update

Yesterday I got a delivery from my friend Ayako in Kanagawa (near Tokyo). Her youngest daughter, Mahiro, has outgrown some of her summer clothes, so Ayako asked me if I wanted them. There are lots of little dresses, blouses, trousers and t-shirts, so Hannah is pretty much set for this summer! There’s even a Celine blouse in there, so she’s a posh little baby too.

From today, I noticed that she is creeping. Only thing is, she’s doing it backwards. Thinking about it, I suppose it would be easier to move backwards rather than forwards. She’s also managing to move around quite a lot by rolling everywhere. This creates some problems, because the tatami matting can be quite hard when she rolls off the mat that I’ve got for her on the floor. I’ve started putting cushions around it too, but it doesn’t really work all that well.

Hannah is also sleeping very well in her cot. I say that, but actually yesterday she hardly slept at all because it was so hot. I put her down in there twice a day for a nap, and she chats away to her teddy until she falls asleep. I’m glad now, that we decided to get her one in the end. It’s a lot safer in there, and lets me sleep a lot easier. Sounds bad, but I also don’t have to worry so much about hoovering in there so much now!

I have been cooking all of her meals, and her favourites to date are spinach leek and sweet potato, apple and sweet potato and of course banana and yoghurt. And she likes toast fingers too, but is too eager to shove it all in her mouth


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