I had a busy day last Saturday. I got up at 5:30a.m., left the house an hour later and had my first driving lesson at 10:40a.m. My first teacher was Mr. Yamamoto. I had had one of his lectures before, and found it very dull, so was a bit wary. I was just glad that it wasn’t Megumi. I had told the staff about her, and asked them not to book me with her anymore, so at least they had got that right.

I was very pleasantly surprised by Mr. Yamamoto’s lesson. He chatted a lot about his daughter, who is living in Chicago right now. I find it a lot easier to drive when the instructors talk to me. I know they probably think it’s easier without the distraction, but it relaxes me for some reason. Although I hadn’t driven for two weeks, everything went very well! I had a lot of fun during the lesson. He had nothing bad to say at the end, and said I was a “good driver, no problem”, which was nice to hear (although a little worrying not to get any advice). I felt a bit guilty for thinking he was a boring teacher. I suppose teaching in the classroom just isn’t his strong point.

After that I had two lectures and then a double driving lesson. The next teacher was Mr. Fujimoto, I think. He’s very quiet, so I didn’t do so well that time. There were also a lot of impatient drivers on the road!! I was driving at 39km/h (limit was 40) and a car overtook me with a double yellow line in the middle of the road on a bend. I got beeped several times for no apparent reason. The instructors are good, because they don’t say anything when other drivers are being horrible, so it makes it easier for me not to care.

After that I had another two lectures, one of which was quite fun, but the other one was just a brain attack. We have to know all about car maintenance, and apparently, should have learned how to check the oil. The teacher was quite surprised when I said I had never done it. It turned out that the lesson when I should have done it was when Megumi taught me. It was raining that day and I suppose she couldn’t be bothered. It turns out that I will have to know it for the written test at least, so I was angry at her once again. Anyway, there are a whole load of difficult things that I don’t even want to know about how the car works, so that last lesson was horrible.

At the end of the day (6:30p.m.) I got my first two trains, only to find that there had been some kind of accident with the Takasaki line, so I was stuck. After much deliberation, I decided to take the bullet train, but it turns out that lots of people had the same idea. I had to wait for ages, and then was packed into the train like a sardine. I finally got home at 11:30p.m., so it was a really long day. The next day my legs were so sore from walking and standing around!


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