Entry for 18 May 2007

Last weekend, we went to Kids World, part of the Pigeon Hearts group. Kids World is an “international” pre-school and playgroup that take children from the age of 10 months. I was thinking about going back to work, and don’t want to leave Hannah in one of those awful baby room places. Actually, I don’t really want to leave her at all.

The school really reminded me of Geos, so it was weird. There was a manager and two Japanese teachers and a native English teacher. They seemed nice and the school looked nice. A bit old, but they had made the best of it. Yusuke said it was like a place where strict mothers send their children, but I just want her to have fun and be stimulated, instead of just left in a room alone or something. They can take care of your child from 9a.m. until 7p.m., but it’s not really all that cheap, so I have to think about whether it’s worth it or not. If I worked full-time, I would be spending two thirds of my salary on the school.

It made me think that if I could work there as a teacher, it would be perfect, ha ha! I’m also thinking about an international school in Maebashi, just before she goes to nursery. I want her to be exposed to English as much as possible, but of course for her to interact with Japanese children too. I know it’s a long way off until she is nursery and school age, but all of these places start so early, and I think would be more beneficial than a babysitting service. Maybe I should start my own pre-school….


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