Last night Hannah didn’t sleep..which meant I didn’t sleep. She caught maybe ten minutes here and there, but it was very restless. I got woken up by her kicking me in the face, scratching my face, and crying in my face. It was a nice night…

Now, I’ve just put her to bed and she’s sleeping, hopefully all night! I’m wondering if the hot weather has anything to do with it. I’ve got the fan on in the bedroom and the window open with the screen across, so hope it will be a bit cooler tonight, although the thermometer’s still showing 25.5 degrees in there at the moment.

The other night, I heard a bang and Hannah had fallen off her futon. I put her back in, put a long pillow at the side to cushion her fall if she fell again, and five minutes later I found her out of bed, lying on the floor playing with the matting (see photo)…Thinking about getting a cot.


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