I took the train from Shin-Maebashi at 11 on Sunday morning. It was kind of cold and already raining, but Yusuke gave me a lift, so I was lucky. When I got to Futakotamagawa at half past one, it was pouring it down. There’s a mini-bus from the station to the school, but it’s only ten minutes walk at the most, so I thought I would walk it, because I had my umbrella, and didn’t want to hang around waiting for the bus.

BAD IDEA!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid! I have to wear trainers for driving, and of course they leaked, there was no path, so I got splashed by loads of cars. By the time I got to the school, my feet were so wet, they were squelching..yuk!

Anyway, it was my first time to drive outside the school, and when I got my lesson ticket, I checked who my teacher was, and it was Megumi. I don’t like her much, so didn’t feel all that great. She spends every lesson checking her nails, make up and hair. V. annoying!

The lesson was two together, so 100 minutes, which was quite tiring for me. I was driving down one road at 38 km/h and she kept saying, “speed up, speed up!”, but the limit was 40 She also took me on a really busy three lane road and made me speed up to 60, which was a bit scary, because it was pouring down. She made me feel really pressured.

I had a lecture after that, but then another driving lesson (just 50 minutes this time) with Mr. Kato, who I like very much. He’s really chatty and I prefer his teaching style. He’s so optimistic and positive about everything. He said I was lucky that it was a rainy day, because there weren’t as many bicycles about. We stopped at loads of red lights, which he thought was lucky too, because it gave me thinking time.

Anyway, I was a bit nervous about starting the second step, but it was actually all right. Felt a bit busy though! And a couple of drivers got impatient with me…


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