Rainy season?

I woke up today to the rain. It’s tipping it down once again. I’m wondering if the rainy season has already started. It’s not due for another three weeks yet, but I’m wondering. It’s also gone really cold again. It was hot enough to go out in a t-shirt a couple of days ago, but now I’m wearing layers again.

Golden Week is coming up. There are so many national holidays that occur during this week, that the government called it Golden Week and some people take the whole week off work to go somewhere. I think the weather in Japan is the best during this season. It’s not cold, and it’s warm enough not to be uncomfortable. After this week, the weather changes and it starts to be unbearably hot during the rainy season and then summer.

Hannah is sleeping now, and I’m thinking about where I have to go today. Just to get some frozen stuff for Yusuke’s lunches, how sad am I? There’s a new shop opening up near here. It used to be a ramen (chinese noodles in soup) shop, but now it’s a bakery. I’m presuming it’s going to be a bakery, because the sign says, “Bread History”. It could be anything if past experience is anything to go by.


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