Ready for the test?

I had only two driving lessons yesterday. I got up at about 9a.m. to make it to Tokyo for my 2:30 lesson. That sounds as if it takes forever to get there, but it just takes me a long time to get ready. The journey is only two and a half hours. Yesterday was my last day before the learner’s permit test next week. So many “tests”.

My first teacher was yet again someone who I had never met. I asked her how many of their teachers could speak English, and she said about 30, which surprised me a little bit. However, some of them can hardly speak English really and it takes me a while to get used to it. Talking of that, every week I use a different car and I’m starting to realise that this is a bit of a pain in the bum, because the steering is always different and the newer cars are a bit stiffer, so I’m hoping I get a good one next week.

My second lesson was with Megumi, who I don’t like very much. She seems bored, arrogant and a bit snappy. She told me at the beginning of the lesson, that because it was the last lesson, she had to check everything and assess whether I could go for the test next week or whether I would have to pay for extra lessons. She went through everything with me before we started, telling me which things she would pick on and I had to do it all perfectly. Then she said, “but today is not a test, so please relax.” at which I laughed nervously, already scared of failure. She didn’t really try to put me at ease.

Anyway, while she was barking orders at me, she kept picking her nails, putting her hair up and down, scratching around the floor for her pen top. I wouldn’t mind, but I was trying to turn at the time and her stupid head was in the way. It went alright in the end though and she actually praised me, whoopee…The threat of having to pay more money always seems to motivate me, how sad is that?!?

So after the lesson I went to book my test, and the receptionist told me that there would be a written test too. I thought I’d already done it!!! I have not been studying for the past week! Why didn’t they make it clear before? I’m still a little bit in the dark about what the test involves. I know that there will be the driving test and a written test, but apparently I will be sitting in the backseat while somebody else takes their test and vice versa, which I’m not entirely happy about. It’ll be nice to get my learner’s permit though. I’m a bit nervous about getting out onto the real roads (Tokyo..) and having to drive at normal speeds instead of 5km per hour.


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