Hannah Update

This is my second time to write this because the stupid page got lost again!!! It’s always happening to me.

Well yesterday it finally stopped raining after what seemed like forever. Actually it had only been three days, but that’s a long time when you have a baby and no tumble dryer. To celebrate, Hannah and I went to…the Post Office. How exciting. I had to post a gift request card. Yusuke’s former boss had bought him a present by paying a department store, who then sent a catalogue out so that Yusuke could choose his own present. A little bit weird, but I think quite a good idea when you don’t know someone so well. After a couple of weeks of trying to pick a present, he admitted that he didn’t really want anything from there for himself, so we chose a patchwork quilt for Hannah. She needs it really, because the one she has now is all ripped up. Because it’s old, not because Hannah is a wrecker.

She is now totally shattered but fighting sleep. Her new way to do this includes rolling over onto her stomach, beating the mat with her hands and crying. I’m leaving her to it for a bit, because I’ve been trying to settle her for about an hour with no success. I’m sure she’ll work it out for herself in a bit. I had put her down on a futon on the floor, because I was a bit nervous of leaving her on the settee now she’s more mobile, but she didn’t really like the idea too much. No matter how many times I put her on her back, she’s determined to roll over every time. Even though it makes her miserable. She’s been trying to crawl too, but her upper body hasn’t caught up with her lower body yet, so she looks a bit like a caterpillar without the front body movement.

I have put the baby bath away now, and am thinking about trying to give it to the second hand shop. It was a present from one of my former student’s mother and isn’t really big enough for Hannah to lie back in anymore. We’ve been taking a bath together most of the time anyway. There’s a bit more room for Hannah’s toys. I would like to stress “a bit more room” because our bath is about 60cm square and deep, so a bit like sitting in a barrel. It does mean that I feel a lot safer holding on to her though. She loves the Winnie the Pooh flannel puppet, and greets him as if he’s a long lost relative that she hasn’t seen for twenty years or something. But yesterday she actually played with Noah’s ark, after trying to pull the plug out and talking to the baby soap dispenser. There were a few incidents where the ark was capsized, but Mr and Mrs Noah and all the animals managed to recover.


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