So Hannah had had a nap this morning and was pretty contented. I lay her on her quilt on the floor with some of her toys (including the jiggling ball from Kim). While I was hanging out the washing, as I turned around I saw that Hannah was almost rolled over, except for her arm, and then she just rolled over. It was so funny because she looked really surprised. I think she was proud of herself, especially because she’s been working on it for a few days.

I can no longer leave the room when she’s lying on the settee. Yusuke’s way of doing it was to put the back cushions of the settee on the floor in case she slipped off, which she did apparently, so she would have a soft landing, but I don’t think it’s a very safe idea at all. From what I’ve heard, Dads always seem to be less worried about their babies getting hurt, or maybe less imaginative about what might happen. I’m always imagining the worst scenarios in my head. It makes me sick sometimes.

Anyway, it was a horrible rainy day again today, and has gone cold again. I only ventured outside for about 30 minutes. I carried Hannah in the baby carrier so I could hold the umbrella. The only difficulty with a swivel wheel buggy is pushing with one hand. I just went out to take a DVD back and then came back to the warm. Nothing really more exciting than that!!


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