Hannah update

I finally gave in and bought a baby sieve set, including a juicer and mortar and pestle. I wanted an automatic one, and thought the manual stuff just seemed too much like hard work. It turns out, however, that the one I bought is much easier, because I don’t have to make a large quantity at a time. I’m following advice from a few books (never knew raising a baby would require so much rejecting of ideas) and trying a new vegetable/fruit every few days to make sure there is no allergy. So far, rice, potato, sweet potato, banana and carrot are all fine. She’s not so keen on the soft tofu though.

After carting the high chair in from the bathroom (where I put her before/after bath) for a while, I decided that maybe a low chair would be easier. I had been feeding her in the kitchen and we were both a little bit uncomfortable in there, so she sits at the table now, well, kind of.

I have experimented with a few different ways. The formula company said to feed just before the milk feed when baby is hungry. I found this didn’t work so well, because she was agitated and wriggly, and couldn’t understand why I was putting a piece of plastic in her mouth when all she really wanted was her milk. They also suggested to reduce the formula at that time by 40ml, but I have now decided to give her the full amount and if she doesn’t want it, she just leaves it herself. I think when she’s eating properly I can start to reduce it then, or let her do it herself. I also have given up on the timing thing. She’s pretty scheduled, so we usually get up at around 9a.m., then I eat my breakfast while I’m feeding her. She likes to watch me eat, and I think it encourages her to eat too. I had noticed that she was lifting her head and peering at me from her bouncy chair while I was eating, so decided to try it. She wasn’t sure about the low chair at first, but she’s getting used to it now. She sometimes doesn’t want to get out of it, and has a little play after eating.

We went to the doctor yesterday for her second DPT shot (Diptheria, Whooping Cough and Tetanus). Once again she didn’t cry at all. She’s always a bit shocked when she sees the doctor, for some reason. Just interested in a new face, I suppose. She actually grabbed her face yesterday and pinched it. I asked about her skin again, and as usual in Japan, no real diagnosis, but she gave me a “dry syrup” for allergies, and a couple of different creams. She gave me a cream without chemicals before, so I asked for that again, because it seems to work best on her face, and then she gave me another cream for the wet parts under her knees, which I’m assuming was a steroid cream, because the skin is totally clear today. She slept like a log too, so I didn’t have to get up during the night.

Hannah is not creeping or crawling yet. She almost rolled herself over the other day, but just stopped before she made it. when I put her on her tummy, and put the toy just out of reach, she makes a swimming movement with her arms, grunts a bit and then starts crying out of frustration. She’s thinking about it though, and I’m not about to rush her. When she starts moving is when I have to be really careful!


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