Zooper trial

On Saturday, I went to Takasaki to meet my friend Jimbo (yes, sounds funny, but it’s her last name). Yusuke took me by car, so didn’t get a chance to test the pushchair at the station (where there is no lift). We went for lunch and Hannah was in a bit of a grumpy mood because she had just caught a cold. I had gone to the doctors that morning, but the doctor had said it was still ok for her to go outside, because she didn’t have a fever. The medication meant that she was quite sleepy though, which always makes her grumpy

The Zooper is so easy to navigate through crowds of people. I had read somewhere that a lot of buggies don’t have front swivel wheels, so it’s good that this one does. The other pushchair used to feel a bit like pushing a dodgy trolley. Yusuke never understood that, but then he only ever pushes her around once a week.

On the way back from Takasaki station, it was fairly easy because there are lifts to all platforms, and I could just simply push the pushchair onto the train. The real challenge comes at Shin-Maebashi station, where there is no lift from the platform to the exit level. Weird really, because from the ticket gates, there is a lift down to the street. It makes me wonder what they do with wheelchairs, because there is no stairlift either.

Anyway, usually I would pick Hannah and my bag up, fold up the pushchair and carry all up the stairs. This time, I picked Hannah and my bag up, and carried the buggy up the stairs by one of the handles (without folding it), which was surprisingly easy, and much easier to sort out at the top of the stairs too.

Big thumbs up for the Zooper!


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