Got in the car yesterday after we finally managed to leave the house at 1p.m., only to find that the battery was dead. Turned out the inside light had been left on. While we were sitting there, one of our neighbours had just pulled up, so I bullied Yusuke to ask him if he could jump start it. The guy said he would help us, but when Yusuke asked if he had jump cables, he said he didn’t, so that wasn’t going to work. So we called J.A.F. (Japan Auto Federation) and they said they would come out in half an hour. At this point, Hannah was getting a bit niggly, so we decided to go for a walk nearby to give her a chance to go to sleep. There are some really nice houses at the back of our place, and a few vacant apartments that we had a sneaky peak at through the window. I wouldn’t mind staying in this area after our three year term in this apartment is up. It’s nice and quiet and relatively safe, with quite a few primary schools nearby.

While we were out walking, the JAF man called Yusuke to say he’d arrived, so we went back to the car. The battery was ok, so he just jump started it and we were on our way. There’s a new shopping centre opened in Maebashi called Keyaki Walk, which is quite a big deal here, because the only other shop is a rubbishy department store. Keyaki Walk has a cinema (the only one in Maebashi), loads of shops, a big bookshop with lots of English books and magazines (most of the latter are American versions, but there is Glamour and Marie Claire from U.K.). I was very excited about that.

They also had a few feeding rooms, and a huge one on the kids floor, with a play zone and loads of changing tables. They also have purified hot and cold water on tap, so making a bottle is easy. The only downside being that a lot of the feeding rooms are located inside the women’s toilet areas, so it meant that even though Hannah only has bottles, I am the one who has to feed her.

I have been looking to buy a buggy for Hannah for a while, and we found some reduced ones. They are usually suitable from 7 months, but there was one from 6 months too. The display model was on sale, so although at 10,000 yen it was a bit pricey, because it was a good name and model, about 50% reduced. After we decided to buy it, the sales assistant knocked another 1000 yen off because we hadn’t been so thrilled about it being the display one. A bit odd when we had already decided to buy it, but anyway.

It’s called Zooper Salsa (Website in English here: http://www.zooper.com/p-salsa-c.html )

It’s very lightweight and easy to fold and open with one hand, which is quite rare amongst the buggies I have looked at. A rain cover and sun shade was included and the handle height was finally high enough! The front wheels even have suspension! I have yet to take it out properly, but had a little spin around the shop. Hannah seemed to like it too, because she could see lots. I will report back on how we get on. Only obvious drawback at the moment is no cosy toes! I will have to buy clips that hold her blanket on because she usually kicks it all into the apron.


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