Viper Tincture

I felt a bit iffy when I woke up on Tuesday. Just a bit rundown and had a bit of a headache. Later on that day I realised that I had caught a cold. I asked Yusuke if he had any cold medicine, because he always has loads of stuff in. He gave me some powder and a Yunkel drink. Yunkel drink is a kind of vitamin drink that is supposed to revitalise you when you’re feeling tired or sick, or even when you’re pregnant, apparently. I drank it and it had the ingredients written on it in English for some reason, and the top ingredient was Viper Tincture!

It is now Friday, and I’m still feeling a bit awful, and wondering whether I should cancel my lessons tomorrow or not. I have a full schedule tomorrow, so it would be a shame to miss it, but also a really hard day if I still feel yucky. I think I might try to go to bed early tonight and just go. I can sleep there in my lunch hour if I feel sleepy, and there’s always the train, of course. I tried to go to bed early yesterday, and I did, but couldn’t put my book down. I had one chapter to go, but couldn’t stay awake any longer, so I eventually had to tear myself away. Hannah seems to be ok. I’m hoping she doesn’t catch my cold.


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