Friday 9th March

Just realised that I hadn’t put up a photo of the hina matsuri dolls that Hannah got. It was fun to set them up, a bit like dressing a Christmas tree crossed with playing with a dolls house, except worth about ten times more money…

We put it all up and it was out for about 3 days or so, because if we don’t put it away on the 3rd of March, it apparently means that she will never get married. Just as keeping a peacock feather in your room does (so I read somewhere), even though there was one in my room for years.

Hannah woke me up at 4a.m. as she does sometimes. It seems to be getting more frequent though, but her last feed is often around 5p.m., so she’s hungry earlier. I fed her and went back to sleep. I didn’t get up to make Yusuke’s lunch, because I didn’t have any rice, which means I have to go and pick up a 5kg bag today, which I hate, because carrying an 8kg baby, a 5kg pushchair and a 5kg bag of rice up the stairs isn’t my favourite thing to do. She then woke up again at 8a.m. It’s getting harder and harder for me to get up in the morning for some reason. Could be because I’m not napping in the day anymore and only getting sleep in slots of three or four hours. She’s sitting watching “Higglytown Heroes” now. Her designated t.v. time of the day.

My driving lesson tomorrow. I don’t have to be there until 1p.m., and I’ll have a driving aptitude test, a couple of lectures, and get to drive around the mini street set-up, until 7:30p.m. I’ll probably end up getting home at around 10p.m. I’m excited, but a bit nervous too. Hope I don’t drive over the grass…


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