Busy Week

Yesterday started the tone for the week. I had to go to the hospital for a check-up. I decided to go to the hospital where I had Hannah, because I didn’t know any other doctors nearby and I knew that Sayuri would be there to translate for me. When I arrived, as it had been a long time, they asked me to fill out a form. I said that I couldn’t read so well, and said that Ms Fukuda (Sayuri) usually helps me. They told me that it was her day off that day So the receptionist had to ask me the questions in the lobby, which was a bit embarrassing as they were quite personal questions that I’d rather not let the whole world know about!

Anyway, I managed to make up Hannah’s bottle and feed her while I was waiting to see the doctor, so everything was going ok. When I went in to see the doctor, the nurses took Hannah into their office, saying something like, ‘Oh, I’m sure she’ll start crying’, but she went off with a huge smile on her face. She loves all the attention, and seems to like the high pitched Japanese voice that all women tend to put on when they talk to her.

After I saw the doctor, I went to pick up Heat magazine (yes, I know, how sad) that they only sell in Takasaki, so seeing as I was there..When I was on the train home it started raining. I hadn’t brought an umbrella, and I hadn’t even brought the raincover for Hannah’s pushchair. I usually keep it in the basket underneath, but it had been getting in the way, so I just left it at home. Fortunately, when I got to my station, it was only really very lightly spitting, so I pulled the pushchair hood right over, and it covered most of the underneath, and made it home fine.

We have to go to the health centre today for Hannah’s first Polio vaccine. It’s apparently hard to get to without a car, so I decided that instead of muddling my way around without really knowing where I’m going, that I would get a taxi instead. Fingers crossed Hannah doesn’t throw up.


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