Hina Matsuri

On 3rd March, it’s Hina Matsuri, which translated means “Doll’s Festival”. The festival is also known as Girl’s Day, because it’s a day to pray for girls growth and happiness. On a girl’s first Hina Matsuri, it’s traditional for a member of her family to buy a set of dolls (as in the picture). There are lots of different sets, but the one in the picture is a full set, and costs a fortune (about 1400 pounds). Every year on the festival, the girl will lay out the dolls, and friends will look at their friends dolls, so I suppose it could be a bit horrible if yours were rubbish. Yusuke’s Mum has bought one for Hannah, on the condition from us that a. it’s small and compact, and b. it doesn’t cost a fortune.

I’m sure companies make a fortune out of parents, and especially grandparents here. There are so many things that ALL children have at different stages of their life. A primary school satchel, for instance that costs almost 200 pounds. Is there any need for that??


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