I made Yusuke get up at around 8a.m. on Christmas morning (well Christmas Eve actually, as Christmas Day was a working day). Hannah was awake, and I saw it as a good opportunity to get up and open presents! After her bottle, we opened the presents, and she seemed much more excited about the wrapping paper at first! She didn’t know what to make of the jingly ball from Kim and family, but she stared at it wobbling around for a while. She even stood having the Christmas hat on for more than 30 seconds before crying…

Then we went for a walk down by the river and ended up going for lunch at the cafe there. On the way back, Hannah was a bit niggly, and then for most of the day she was grumpy. I put the chicken in the oven, which was all a bit of guesswork, as there was no weight on the stupid thing. It also still had the neck attached, which was a bit gross. I hate to touch raw meat, so Yusuke stuffed it (it’s the last time I make stuffing from real bread without a food processor…) and I grit my teeth, buttered it and stuck it in. After that, I decided to give Hannah a bath, and for the first time, she got in the bath with me. I was a bit worried at first, because our bath is really deep. When you sit down in there, the bath is up to your shoulders. Anyway, she got in with me, and was so relaxed that she started going to sleep! I’m so glad she’s got over her bath fear, and it was nice to have a bath together. We got out after about 10 minutes, and then I put her to bed.

Finally, at about 9p.m., the dinner was ready! I had aimed to have it ready for 8p.m., but things got pushed back a bit. Anyway, it was YUM! I even made Yusuke full..he didn’t have room for the cake that he had made (I say made, but all he did was buy a sponge cake and put cream and strawberries on it).


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