I forced myself out of bed this morning at 8a.m., after having woken up at around 5 to feed Hannah and sleeping again. Yusuke had made an appointment at the doctor’s for Hannah’s 3 month check-up and BCG vaccination. I just about managed to get out of the door at 9:28, then ran to the doctor with the pushchair and got there a couple of minutes late. When I handed the documents to the receptionist, she said she didn’t have an appointment for me. I assumed she had just made a mistake, and she asked me to wait for a bit.

Finally, the other doctor came out and said his daughter (Hannah’s doctor) wasn’t there in the morning, and that I should come back at 3:30p.m. He told me in front of everyone in the waiting room, so they all got to hear my rubbish Japanese, which was a bit embarrassing. Feeling rather cheated at having hurried for nothing, I rang Yusuke, who then rang the doctor and found out that he had made an appointment for 9:30…but at the wrong surgery…


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