Long time no blog…

Wow!  I just realised that it’s been about a month since I last wrote anything on here.  Time flies when you have a baby and no lifeImage

Well winter is definitely here.  Autumn seemed to go so quickly, maybe because I had a lot of visitors.  The flights are all booked to go to the U.K. next month – wow, that’s also only a month and a bit away!  We bought a Christmas tree last weekend.  I had seen a normal sized one that I wanted, but it was about 10,000 yen, so I had pretty much given up on the idea.  Then yesterday, while we were out walking with Hannah near our house, we found a 30cm one in the second-hand shop (although it’s a new one), so brought that home and sat it on a table in the corner.  It even plays Christmas songs..you can imagine how delighted I was about that..I put all the presents from the family underneath it, and am now VERY curious about the contents!  I’ll just have to wait another three weeks!

Yesterday afternoon, we went to a photo studio in Maebashi to have some passport photos of Hannah taken.  I had toyed with the idea of just going into a photo booth and holding Hannah up, but wasn’t sure that it would work without me being in shot, so I went for the lazy/easy option instead.  One of the shop staff held Hannah on a table for the photographer, and she was as good as gold, sitting really still with an expression that said, “what on earth is going on here?”  Now she will have that on her passport for the next five years.



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