Busy weekend continued..

We had to get up early yet again today to go to the shrine for Omiyamairi.  It’s a little bit like a first wish for a new baby.  It was pretty busy, because it was a Sunday, and because this month is the month to celebrate boys turning 5 years old, and girls turning 3 and 7 years old.  Hannah wore a pretty dress from Mummy, and Yusuke’s Mum gave us a cape and hat.  We went into the shrine (all dressed up), Yusuke’s Mum sat at the front with Hannah, which I was relieved about.  Apparently it’s traditional, as the mother isn’t considered to be in great physical condition yet.  I was a bit scared by the shrine guy (photos to come), so it was best.  He said some prayers for all the children (it was a group event as it was so busy), shook a stick with bells on it over them all, and then that was about it.  We got a “goody bag”, which consisted of some good luck charms, a set of bowls for another ceremony for her first food (this we can do at home) and other stuff.  We wrote a wish on a piece of wood and hung that up outside the shrine.  Hannah didn’t cry during the ceremony, which is a bit of bad luck because apparently that would mean that she would have a great singing voice.  Oh well!

That afternoon, we went out for a coffee with our neighbours.  We had planned for them to come to our house for a coffee, but we just hadn’t time to clean, so decided going out would be much easier.  They bought Hannah a bib, socks and rattle set and had been waiting to give it to us.  They are thinking about starting a family and couldn’t believe how tiny Hannah’s hands were and stuff.  I don’t think she’s so small anymore.  I suppose that’s what happens when you spend all day with a baby.  Anyway, Maiko was afraid to hold her when her husband put her in her arms.  She was really panicky!  We got home at about 6 ish.  This weekend was really exhausting.  I’ve been trying to catch up on house stuff today, but have only managed to put away dry laundry and have yet to hang out the wet stuff.  I should get to it really, now Hannah’s sleeping.  She’s staying awake more in the day now, and has been sleeping between 7 and 8 and a half hours for the past three or for days through the night.  It’s great, but I feel more tired for some reason.  Must be having to entertain her more during the day.


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