I realised at 10p.m. last night that it was Hallowe’en.  Despite having gone to the children’s hallowe’en party at Kumagaya school last Sunday.  That’s how lost I am with the days.  It also struck me that it would be November the next day (now today).  Time flies.  Especially after it had gone by so slowly when I was pregnant.  I was looking at the cd rom from the hospital, and on one of the pictures, I couldn’t believe how small Hannah’s head was (see photo)!

On Monday, Hannah was awake all day, demanding attention and by the time Yusuke got home, I was exhausted.  That night, she rewarded me with an eight hour sleep!  I can’t remember the last time I’ve slept so long, but it was at least four months ago.  Yesterday, she slept for most of the afternoon, so I was worried that she would be awake all night, but yet again, she slept from midnight until 8:30!  Since we’ve been able to go outside, she seems to be sleeping a lot more in general.

The weather’s so nice too.  It’s like proper Autumn weather should be.  I even managed to get some housework done yesterday, so I feel like I achieved quite a lot.  It’s surprising how much that affects my mood.  We’ll see how she treats me today!


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