Friday 13th October

This is my second attempt…

There is definitely something very wrong with the laptop.  It will now not even turn on without displaying some weird characters on the screen. 

I realised when I first started to write this, that today is Friday 13th.  I have lost all concept of time.  I have a sneaking suspision that if somebody suddenly asked me what month it was, I would have to think about it first.  It reminds me of when it was summer holidays from school, and I had no idea about the date, because I didn’t have anybody writing it on the blackboard for me.

Had another relatively good night last night.  After Hannah’s 11p.m. feed, she didn’t wake up again until 3:45.  While I was making her bottle, Yusuke came rushing into the living room, carrying Hannah and muttering something about poo.  What is it with Dads and poo?  Not that I’m complaining.  I’d rather he was enthusiastic about that than the differences between formula brands.  Hmm, come to think about it, he’s obsessed with that too.

Anyway, talking of formula, her next feed was at about 7, and then at 9, I got rudely awoken by the delivery man, who was delivering a free sample of formula that we’d sent off for with the coupon that the b.f. police granny had given us.  I must have looked a real sight when I opened the door, but these days, I really just don’t care. 

I then went back to bed for another hour, until Hannah woke up and we played in the bedroom for a little while, until she got bored and decided that it was time to get up.  Not before she threw up in my face.  Maybe she was trying to get me moving.

So Hannah is four weeks old today, which makes me think that I should be starting to behave like a proper person and spend less than, erm, the whole day lying on the sofa, with changing, feeding, bathing and eating breaks.  So I brought the laundry in, hung out a fresh load, cleaned the toilet, and then couldn’t stop.  I dusted – which is something I very very very very rarely do.  Then I tidied and vacuumed the whole house (except for the bedroom, because I couldn’t be bothered hanging the futons outside first).  I stopped then, because my head was hurting and I thought maybe I shouldn’t be going quite so housewifey, and should do bit by bit like normal people.  I did all that in about an hour, and then sat down to watch a bit of t.v.

So all in all, I’ve had quite a productive day in my boring world!  Can’t wait to be able to all go outside together tomorrow.  I’ve really missed having fresh air, especially as the autumn weather is so lovely at the moment.  The air is really clear, so I can see the mountains well now.  I never see them in the summer because it’s so hazy.

Anyway, better go now and think about what to cook for dinner.  I’m starving!


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