Sunday 8th October

After a long lie-in, I woke up with a stinging headache and a horrible earache.  Hannah and Yusuke were up late last night/this morning and had fallen asleep together on the sofa, which meant I got a relatively long sleep.  Not sure why my head hurt so much.  I took some paracetamol, which didn’t really work.  After a while, I decided that I should probably go to the doctor.  Yusuke found an ENT doc that was open on a Sunday, and we all piled in the car to go. 

Our wait wasn’t really that long, considering.  The office was a bit old looking, and reminded me of a church hall or school classroom or something.  There were only a few people waiting.  I thought that it wasn’t really a very good place for a newborn to be when a little girl came in with a cold patch on her forehead, used to reduce fever.  And I cursed my non-driving self yet again.

Yusuke decided he would see the doctor too, because he’s a bit deaf.  We went in to the doctor’s room together, which was a bit scary.  There were a load of instruments on the table next to the patient’s chair, which looked a bit like a dentist’s chair.  There was also a glass display cabinet, which as far as I could tell, was filled with old-fashioned ear instruments.  The doctor himself was quite old, so I was a little bit nervous because of my bad experiences with older doctors here in Japan.  I sat down on the chair while Yusuke helped with my crappy Japanese, and the doctor pushed my head against the headrest and peered in my ear.  He said it was full of wax.  This came as a bit of a surprise to me, because I haven’t had wax in my left ear since my operation, but I suppose it had to come back some time.  He then pushed something inside my ear which really made me jump and flinch because it hurt, and also because I didn’t know what was coming.  Doctors tend not to tell me what they’re about to do.  It reminded me of when I had to take a teacher to the gynaecologist, but the less said about that, the better…

Anyway, he pulled the offending wax out of my ear and then showed it to me.  I wasn’t sure what he expected me to do with it, but I guessed that he wanted me to appear shocked, so I happily complied.  He said there was no infection, so not to worry, and the pain and dizziness should go away.  I made him check my other ear too while I was there.  If I was going to pay, I may as well check everything.

Yusuke had his ears checked and the doctor found nothing, so I thought that was a bit of a waste of money too, but anyway, all was apparently ok.  I’m not sure why then, four days later, that my ear still hurts.


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