Hannah has been getting loads of presents lately.  I don’t think there’s been a day this week yet where she hasn’t got a present of some kind.  Today’s gift was a pull along tortoise from one of my former students at Kumagaya school.

This week, she also got the super soft rabbit in the photo from my Nicola, which she seems to like.  She’s getting a lot more aware of things around her these days.

Last night, I caved in when she wouldn’t settle in her moses basket, and she slept on the futon last night.  It certainly seemed to make a big difference, because she slept for two four hour stretches, which was great.  I’ve decided that I’ll put her to bed on her own futon from now on, because she seems to be more comfortable on it, and because I gave her a lot of space last night, I don’t think it’s a case of her wanting to be close to me.  It’s also different from a bed, in that she won’t fall off, just roll off if anything, so there’s no danger.  I read a while ago that some babies just don’t like the baskets so much for one reason or another.  It’s now 8p.m. though, and I still haven’t bathed her yet because my head is splitting.  I managed to nap today for an hour this afternoon, but I’m not sure that that helped me all that much.  I must’ve been tired though, because I fell asleep on the sofa, with Hannah on my stomach, so moved to the bedroom in case I fell fast asleep and dropped her on the floor!

Anyway, I should go and bath her before I fall asleep again!



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