Midwife visits…

I slept soooooooo well last night!  After Hannah had driven me crazy by crying from midnight to 3a.m. the night before last, and then crying for most of the following day, I was a wreck by the time Yusuke got home.  I fed Hannah at 11:30 p.m. and she didn’t wake up again until 4:30!  Then she slept again and didn’t wake until 7:30 So I had a glorious 6 hours sleep in total, which is like heaven compared to the hour or two dozes I was getting the day before.

At 1p.m., Takako (the midwife) called me from the hospital to tell me she would like to come today at 2p.m.  She arrived at 2p.m. on the dot – which was quite amazing seeing as she’d got lost on the way.  She checked me first, which was fairly simple, the regular stuff, urine test, blood pressure, a few questions about my appetite, etc.

I was a bit worried about her checking the baby, because they had been concerned over her weight, but she’s putting on weight at the rate of 30 grammes a day, when the average is between 30 and 40, so it’s all good news.  She’s now 2770 grammes, so finally a little higher than her original birth weight.  The funniest part was when Takako put her on the scales naked.  Hannah started weeing  (something she likes to do more often than we’d like) and Takako panicked a little bit and had to hold her with her hand to stop her weeing all over the place!  I couldn’t stop laughing.  It was as if she was paying her back for waking her up!

Anyway, that done, she helped me breastfeed a little bit, and she said that if I kept up with the massaging and kept feeding Hannah before giving her her bottle, eventually, I would be able to breastfeed her exclusively, which is good news.  She weighed her after the feed, and she had put on 10 grammes, so slowly but surely.  Hannah’s skin tone was checked, her belly button (which healed already), whether she used a baby bath or the sink, how often she was fed, etc.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I feel much better now, knowing that I’m doing everything right.  I didn’t realise until Takako had gone that I was worried about that most of all.


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