Friday’s child is loving and giving…

We went to the hospital on Friday once again.  As usual, I couldn’t get an appointment with my usual doctor, so I had to make an appointment with another one whom I’d had treat me when I was in labour.  After feeding Hannah, we arrived at the hospital at around 3:15 for our 3:30 appointment.  We were left sitting and waiting for over an hour (which is not so usual here), and getting gradually more and more irritated, as it seemed that people who arrived after us were being seen first.

Finally, I was called in to the doctor’s room, where he cleaned me up and gave me a rather painful examination, but said that everything looked ok and told me to come back again in a week.  I told him that I was still having afterpains, and he seemed a little bit surprised, but gave me a prescription for some painkillers.  I asked if it was usual, and he said that it can happen, and whether it’s usual or not, I shouldn’t have to grit my teeth and bear it, which I thought was quite nice, as usually putting up with the pain seems to be the expected thing.

After that, we went to the “Mummy’s Room” to get some advice on how much milk to feed Hannah.  The two granny midwives (including the 90 year old midwife) took over and rabbitted on for what seemed like forever, while Hannah was getting hungry, and not planning on staying at the hospital for that long, we hadn’t brought a bottle with us.

Finally, we left and hit the rush hour traffic.  It was at this point that Hannah let us know that she didn’t like the car seat and screamed blue murder.  Yusuke got stressed, I got stressed and the traffic wasn’t moving one little bit.  We realised then that Hannah had pooed, so stopped off in a car park and attempted to change her nappy on the front seat of the car.  It was a messy business, but quite funny in retrospect.

After that, she calmed down a little, but was now ready for feeding.  We finally got home around four hours after we’d left..a lesson was learned today, and we got Yusuke’s sister to buy us a flask so that we would be ready for emergency feeding situations…and stupid hospital staff.  I hate that place now.  I’ve only just realised how pink it is.  The whole hospital is soo pink.  Even the outside bricks are pink.


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