So I was finally admitted to the hospital on Wednesday 13th September.  I was taken to the labour room, where they gave me pills to start off my contractions.  I’m still not sure what this was for, but I think it was a kind of test to see how I would react to the drip the following day.  They gave me a pill every hour for about four hours while they monitored my contractions.  I managed to sleep a little bit, and read magazines for the rest of the time.  The contractions weren’t really painful, so it was just a case of passing the time.

After that, I went back up to my room.  The room I was in had three other people in it, making it full.  All of the other women had babies rooming in with them, so that night’s sleep wasn’t really the greatest!  It was also about 28 degrees in there and the temperature control was behind the curtain of someone elses section of the room, so I had a lovely sweaty night…

The nurses woke me up every two hours to check the baby’s heartbeat.  I think I probably wouldn’t have slept all that well anyway, as I was quite excited and nervous at this point.


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