Baby Update VII

I went to the hospital again last Saturday.  It was pretty crowded and we ended up waiting about half an hour.  Dr. Sato said he would like me to come into hospital again on 13th, start the induction and then he will give me the epidural on 14th.  He had primarily suggested those dates, but he had also thought about 18th too.  I think he thinks that my contractions will start fairly easily with the drugs, so earlier is better.  I’m starting to freak out a little bit now though, because the 13th is the day after tomorrow.  I’m excited, but pretty nervous.  If I have any more children, I’ll have to think about which hospital I’ll choose.  Deciding on the pain relief before the event is all a bit strange to me.  I’d rather keep my options open, but then I can’t really decide that until I see how this one goes!

I keep telling myself everything will be ok, and now I just have to start believing it.  Watch this space…


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