My eventful non-event Part V

Tuesday 5th September

The night before, I was woken up several times by various nurses who stuck their torches in my face and checked the baby’s heartbeat.  After turning down the main lights at 9p.m. and asking everyone to go to sleep, they woke me first at 11:30, then at about 3:00 and then at 5:30.  The nurse who woke me at 5:30 asked me if I had been able to sleep, and I laughed in her face.  At 7a.m. I heard the “wake-up” music and an announcement to take our temperatures.  While I was doing that, a nurse came to tell me to go down to the second floor, where the midwife and doctor would check me once again. 

I went downstairs and was taken into the delivery room once again and put on a monitor for thirty minutes.  I’ve been on that delivery table longer than the women who have actually delivered on it.  It’s a really pleasant bright room though.  Not like I would have thought for a delivery room.  There are four in total, and they are all named after flowers.  I was in the Sunflower room.  Anyway, there were no big contractions.  I was then taken to be examined by the doctor.  The doctor for that morning, was Dr. Sato who is my doctor’s father and the owner of the hospital.  I thought he might be a bit arrogant and was again worried because he’s older, and all the older doctors I’ve seen aren’t very nice, but he really made me feel comfortable, and used easy words so I could just about understand what he was talking about.

He said that my cervix is still only dilated about one centimetre, and that the baby’s head is still high up, so I could go home and come back for a check-up on Saturday or Monday.  After hearing this, I went back to my room, ate my breakfast – which was yummy, and called Yusuke to ask if his sister could come and pick me up.  Waiting to go home seemed to take forever, and it was kind of frustrating to have to go back, but I knew I would be much more comfortable at home where I could do other things rather than wait and be prodded.

That night, we went out for dinner to celebrate that I didn’t have to eat hospital food anymore…


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