Friday 8th September – Happy belated Birthday Emma!

Not much to report really, but I finished making what I call my first proper garment (i.e. garment being something other than a hat, scarf, blanket, shawl or bag).  I made a dress and hat for the baby.  I’m very proud of myself, but as I didn’t use a pattern, I’m a bit worried that it won’t fit!

I am now going crochet crazy (because I have wool left) and am making myself a hat too.  I’ll have a whole outfit for myself too if I carry on like this – although I really don’t have quite enough wool to cover that…I sorted out the baby bathroom stuff and rearranged the shelves for that.  Then I made up the bouncy chair that we’d bought at the second hand shop just in case I needed to wash the cover, but it’s already washed and quite good quality considering it only cost about five pounds.  But I am convinced that this is NOT a nesting thing, because it’s taken my all day to do it, and I haven’t done anything frantically.  I’m quite looking forward to seeing the doctor tomorrow though, so we can arrange when he wants to start my labour off (assuming it won’t start itself before that). 


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