My eventful non-event Part IV – updated

Monday 4th September

I woke up at around 6:30, feeling quite grotty.  Yusuke had to go to work today, so he left and a while later, my breakfast came, which I couldn’t eat any of.  Kyoko came by at around 8a.m. and a little while after, they gave me an NST again, and my contractions were quite regular once again…

They came to tell me that I should go downstairs and take all my delivery gear with me.  I got quite excited at this point.  At this point, the visiting psychologist was there and asked me if she could be present for the birth, for some reason.  Since I’ve been there, she’s kept visiting me to chat.  I think she’s a little odd.  However, as usual, it turned out to be nothing yet again.  I told the midwife that I wasn’t really in much pain and she checked and said I was still only 1cm dilated and that I should go back upstairs yet again…

I moved into the sharing room on the fourth floor, which felt much more like a hospital.  It was pretty noisy but apart from that, not so open.  The nurses on that floor all seemed a bit more with it, and mostly older and a bit matron-like.  They told me I should stay in the flowery delivery room nightie they’d given me just in case I had to go down to there again.  When Kyoko had to leave to go to work, I was left to cope with the experienced nurses which scared me a little, as they were all quite direct and spoke really quickly, so I found it difficult to understand.  One of them gave me a form to fill out, but of course I couldn’t understand it well enough, so I said that I would have to wait for Yusuke to come and translate it for me.  It turned out that it was a form requesting my placenta…at least give me something easy!  They can use it for some vaccines or something, and I wondered if the NHS do that without telling you or whether you have to fill out a form too?

I had another fairly boring day as usual.  I managed to finish my book, and had to go downstairs for some tests later on that day.  It’s a bit embarassing really, as the first floor is the outpatient floor, so I had to walk around there wearing that horrible granny nightie while everyone else was wearing normal clothes.  They gave me another scan, which showed the baby to weigh 2578g. and I had an x-ray type scan, which was a bit scary.  I had to stand against a vertical wall, and then it tilted back so I was lying down.  They then scanned my pelvis for some reason.  It was an afternoon of not knowing why anything was going on, but at least it got me out of the room.

Later on that evening, Yusuke came to visit during visiting hours (until 8p.m.), so only really for just over an hour.  He brought me a sandwich, because that night’s dinner was fish yet again.  A big fat slab of pike…yuk




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