My eventful non-event..Part III

Sunday 3rd September

Another uneventful day really.  same as yesterday, except after breakfast, I slept until noon.  I was quite fed up today, but Yusuke was still there, so I wasn’t as fed up as I could have been.  He left at around 6p.m. to pick up his suit for the next day and also to get the dvd player and some things for me.  He also went to eat dinner.

While he was gone (wouldn’t you know it), I started getting contractions again.  They were getting more frequent and a little painful, so when he came back, we let the nurse know and she took us down to one of the delivery rooms to be monitored.  It was quite scary to go in there and a little bit hot in there.  They monitored me for what seemed like forever (which is anytime when I’m lying on my back).  Then the midwife came in and said they would start me on a drip.  I said no..and after that, followed a relayed conversation between the doctor and Yusuke and I through the midwife.  Eventually, I compromised and said I would take the pill instead.  Now this is rather odd, because as far as they knew, I was still taking the pills that the doctor had given me, so if I hadn’t stopped, they would be giving me a double dosage..

The midwife then said that they would like to keep me in the delivery room for monitoring..on the delivery table..

As I was literally so stuck to the table that I though perhaps my waters had broken without my realising it, I wasn’t so hot on that idea either.  We were finally allowed to go back upstairs after having been down there for three hours.  She said she would send someone to give me another pill at 3a.m., but I was sleeping at that time, and saw my room door closing, but nobody woke me up to take it..another mystery.  I suppose they thought maybe I didn’t need it seeing as I was asleep.


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