Sunday Party

On Sunday, I was so excited when I left the bedroom.  I usually feel the heat hit me before I get to the bathroom, but it didn’t!  The summer usually ends abruptly like that, so I got really hyper at the thought that autumn was here! 

The Maebashi GEOS teacher, Jacqui will be leaving for a month and a half to travel around Asia before going back home to Canada.  Sunday night was her farewell party and the new teacher’s welcome party, so she invited us along.  Her student is also Miyoko (Yusuke’s Mum), so she went too, along with Kyoko (Yusuke’s sister).  Most of the guests were Jacqui’s students, which meant that I also knew some of them, and they  remembered me, strangely enough. 

The party took place at the top of Takashimaya department store in their beer garden.  It was my first time to go there.  It cost 2400 yen each (about 15 pounds), including free drinks and food for four hours, so was really good value for money!  There was a flamenco dance show at certain points during the night, so it was a really strange thing, but a nice atmosphere.  It started to rain, unfortunately though, so we were sitting outside with our umbrellas up!  Outside started getting a little bit cool, but it started to get quite humid when the rain started, so it felt like yukky humid summer again.

I had a nice time even though I couldn’t drink any alcohol!  It was quite funny to see other drunk people (especially Yusuke’s sister) and to enjoy the atmosphere.  We took the train back and then walked home, which in retrospect, wasn’t such a good idea, as my back hurts from walking today…


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