Not sure what to write for today, and it looks as if nobody’s checking my blog, so anything, I suppose.  Temperatures have been really high here from the start of this week, and I feel as if my blood is boiling.  The air conditioner in the living room has decided to go mental, so it’s sometimes turning itself off and at other times even blowing warm air in here.  I’ve had to confine myself in the bedroom a couple of times today, just so I don’t go insane.  I feel so miserable I could cry.  It’s hard to describe or for you to imagine the kind of heat we have here.  This year has been especially bad for me, as I am already carrying a heated stomach around.

I went out to the bank at around 6p.m., because it was the coolest time I could venture out.  Unfortunately, it started to rain while I was in there, and I hadn’t taken an umbrella with me, so I got stuck walking home in the rain (which was also hot). 


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