Entry for 23 August 2006


Yusuke booked summer holiday from tomorrow until Monday, so we were planning to go to the seaside.  When we called one of the beach houses, after noticing that the season ends 20th August, they said that people don’t usually swim from now because of the jellyfish coming into the shore.  I decided I didn’t really want to risk the pain of a jellyfish sting, so we had to change our plans.

We are going to Kusatsu instead, which is a small town famous for hot springs, and smells like rotten eggs.  Kusatsu hot springs are really rather hot, at about 96 degrees celsius at the source and about 45 degrees in the bath, so I’m not sure that I’ll be able to go in there.  We booked a room in an inn where we can take a “family bath”, because it’s I’m paranoid about all the bacteria in the communal baths, especially being pregnant, so if it’s too hot, I can just sit with my legs in it.  It’s really very relaxing, and it’ll be our last holiday before the baby comes, so our plan is not to do much of anything.  I just hope there’s air conditioning in the room.

We’ll be heading off there tomorrow, staying for one night, and then coming back on Friday night.  It only takes just over an hour by car, and the route is really pretty, so I’m quite excited.  It’s a shame we couldn’t get to the seaside again though.  I only got to use my maternity swimsuit for about four hours..I feel like it was a wasted purchase. 

It’s another hot day today, but down to 30 degs.  The air conditioner is still being stupid, so it’s very very annoying.  I feel like smashing the thing off the wall.

トイレ・洗面付新館 洋室ツイン




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